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Toll roads have provided drivers the opportunity to travel smoothly with less delays than traditional routes. Having a toll in place also contributes to the maintenance of the highways. In addition to turnpike tolls & state tollways, you can find further details about busy bridge tolls and tunnel tolls from to coast to coast. Tollway prices may vary depending on the time & direction of traffic. It can also differ based on the mode of transportation, which means cars, trucks and bikes may have different rates.

Search from our detailed list of state toll roads, covering all major areas. You should find the names of the tolls & estimated prices, allowing you to be better informed ahead of your trip and help with the travel preparation.

Should you be interested in how do toll roads work, we included some additional insights.

a) Ten most popular local tollways in terms of user queries:

Harris County toll road, Houston toll road, Dulles toll road, Orange County toll roads, Austin toll road, Chicago toll roads, Fort bend toll road, Orlando toll roads, Denver toll roads and San Diego toll roads.

b) Ten popular questions from users & suggested answers:

- Who invented tolls?

Historically speaking, tolls were invented by King Ashurbanipal in the 7th century BC. Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian king, made travelers pay tolls while using the Susa – Babylon highway.

- Who owns highway tolls?

The ownership of highway tolls comes in different forms. Some highway tolls are owned by private companies while others belong to public authorities.

- Who pays tolls on Uber?

Any toll on Uber is to be paid by the passengers. When Uber vehicles take toll roads, the additional charges are added to the trip fares of the passengers.

- Why are tolls so expensive?

Tolls are so expensive because they are used for several purposes, such as maintenance of roads. In the case of highway tolls owned by private companies, the tolls are expensive because the companies want to recover their investments. Tolls also serve as a source of revenue for the government.

- Why are road tolls necessary?

Road tolls are necessary because they are important in the reduction of traffic congestions. They also serve as revenues for government and reduce car exhausts that usually have negative effects on air quality.

- Why are tolls legal?

Tolls are legal because government authorities have eminent power to impose fees on additional services that are not covered by taxes. In addition, toll roads are not mandatory as there are usually alternative routes to take.

- How to pay tollway fees?

Depending on the government authority or private company in charge of a toll road, there are several methods that can be used to pay tollway fees. Tollway fees can be paid online via the website or free app of the authority in charge of the toll road. They can also be paid via check, credit card or cash at the customer service centers of the government agency or private company that owns the toll roads.

- How to check tollway violations?

There are various methods to use in checking tollway violations. You can check tollway violations online or by visiting the customer service center of the company in charge. To check tollway violations, you have to provide your tag number or license plate number.

- How to reduce tollway fines?

To reduce tollway fines, contact the customer service center of the company that levied the fines against you and fill appropriate forms to state the reasons why the fines should be reduced. Notably, you must file your contest for reduction within 21 days of receiving the notice.

- How much are tollway tickets?

The prices of tollway tickets vary greatly depending on the city or state, vehicle and company involved. Generally, the prices of tollway tickets are usually around $0.5 to $50.

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