The first time you saw Open Street Map, you probably "wondered what is OSM"? While OSM Maps is also known as Open Street Maps & OpenStreetMap, it's the same high quality product, probably one of the best on the market. It works as a collaborative project, bringing together contributors who report on their map findings. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover as many countries & cities as some of the other maps on the market, but it does remain easy to use. On this page, you can use Open Street Map and get more familiar with its quality.



Founded in 2004, OpenStreetMap was established by Steve Coast, a Colorado-based British entrepreneur. Steve Coast decided to create a mapping service that would give out information for free like Wikipedia. In 2006, a non-profit organization named The OpenStreetMap was founded and registered in Wales and England to support the mission of OpenStreetMap. With the help of different volunteers that provide map data, the mapping service has grown to become one of the best mapping services in the world.

Who uses OpenStreetMaps?

Many websites use OpenStreetMap. Since it is an open source mapping service, it belongs to the public; hence, it can be easily used by anybody – individuals and organizations.

How does OpenStreetMap work?

OpenStreetMap works in a way that is different from other mapping services. Unlike others, this service depends fully on its users (individuals and companies) to provide the mapping data it uses. As an open source mapping service, the data provided by the users are reviewed and then made public for everybody to use.

Are Open Street Maps routable?

Open Street Maps are routable. The route planning functionality of OpenStreetMaps began in February, 2015 and is powered by external service providers like MapQuest, OSRM and GraphHopper.

What prediction does Open Street Maps use?

Open Street Maps has various users that provide various predictions. The predictions provided by these users are used by Open Street Maps to populate its results when applicable.

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