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Google Maps is popular tool which offers both maps and directions, along with real-time traffic information in various markets.This page offers the full functionality of Google Map to help you locate any point of interest. You may also notice various colored lines, each representing some type of traffic status from a major freeway. In addition Google Maps driving directions are available if you need step by step instructions for your travels.


The project of Google Maps was kicked off by Lars Rasmussen and Jens Rasmussen. It was created as a C++ program under the company “Where 2 Technology”, and it offered many people the chance to download the program separately. After the acquisition of the company in 2004 by Google, the mode of operation of Google Maps changed. By February 2005, it was officially launched for the public to use. Since the time of its acquisition, it has massively changed the face of mapping service and it is now the most commonly used mapping service in the world.

How often does Google Maps update?

Google Maps gets new updates to its services every day. Nevertheless, the updates are normally verified and uploaded for everybody to use after few weeks.

Who takes Google Maps pictures?

Google has drivers who take pictures with camera-mounted vehicles. Other pictures are taken with airplane cameras, satellites, third party companies and various map users.

How to update Google Maps?

To update Google Maps, there is a need for you to have an account with Google. Get the update you would like to make, verify it, log into your account and submit. It must be noted that any updates or corrections made to Google Maps are subject to reviews by Google Maps officials.

Are Google Maps accurate?

The results of Google Maps are largely accurate. When compared to other mapping services, Google Maps has some of the most accurate results; hence, it is more dependable than others.

Where does Google Maps get traffic data from?

Google Maps gets most of its traffic data through crowdsourcing from various users. Smartphones, taxi fleets and cars are the major sources of the data. Google Maps also gets traffic data from road sensors.

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