Generally, towing is all about connecting two or more objects together in order to drag them through the effect of a specified power source. In terms of automobiles, towing refers to connecting a vehicle to another vehicle, boat, etc by the means of chains, ropes or other towing equipment to pull, carry or drag them away. Mostly, towing services are usually required when a vehicle is abandoned, wrongly parked or disabled, and cannot move away from its current position on its own.

All about tow trucks and more

A towing truck, sometimes referred to as a wrecker truck, is a truck basically designed for puling or dragging away abandoned, impounded, indisposed or improperly parked vehicles or other vessels. Historically, the first tow truck was invented by Ernest Holmes, Sr. in 1916 after he had to hire 6 men to help him pull a vehicle out of a stream. Holmes first designed a truck for his personal use and later manufactured more for commercial purpose.

More than 100 years after the first one was made, there are numerous trucks now and they come in different shapes and sizes. Some of major types of tow trucks available today are flatbed tow truck, lift flatbed tow truck, wheel lift truck, boom truck and self loader tow truck. These trucks are designed to tow vehicles and other vessels with the aid of different towing mechanisms. A flat bed tow truck has a bed that can be lowered to the ground level to allow a vehicle to be dragged or pushed onto the wrecker bed and towed. This type is often used in the US for towing damaged or disabled cars that cannot move on their own. A lifted flatbed truck has a wheel-lift frame that can be used to carry a vehicle from the ground and place it on the bed. This type is commonly used in Europe.

Notably, apart from trucks that are mainly designed to tow vehicles, there are also SUVs, minivans and other types of vehicles that can be used to tow other cars, boats and so on. Due to the dangers associated with towing of vehicles, there are many safety procedures that must be duly observed when towing a vehicle to prevent tow truck accident. Most of the states in the US have specific agencies that oversee towing and other related activities.

For risk-free truck towing, one of the factors to consider is the towing capacity of the towing vehicle as this will help in determining the maximum weight the vehicle is allowed to tow. Furthermore, necessary car towing equipments must be available to ensure the towing is safe. Truck recovery straps, towing hitches, tow bar and towing chains are some of the equipments for towing a vehicle.

There are many tow truck companies offering people tow truck services and the popular ones include AAA Towing, South Beach Tow and Liberty Towing. Although most of these truck towing services are provided by private bodies, some tow trucks are operated by the road authority or police departments of some states. Just like other businesses, the profitability of companies offering these services depends on certain factors such as location, amount of trucks being operated and capital. While there is no fixed price for towing cars or any other types of vehicles, most companies offering tow truck service charge around $2.5 to $5 per mile.

If you would like to start a tow truck company, you have to obtain license from the state agency in charge. Afterward, you should draw your business plans and make necessary preparation towards starting the tow company. You should also acquire used or brand new tow trucks from good tow truck dealers based on your startup capital. Depending on the fleet of trucks under your vehicle towing company, you can hire a tow truck driver or drive the truck yourself.

Nowadays, many towing shows are being aired on TV stations as more people want to be part of the fun of towing. The most popular reality shows include: Lizard Lick Towing, Hell on the Highway, Heavy Rescue 401 and South Beach Tow. Each of those shows reflect on day-to-day activities of tow trucks in their local area, along with the challenges they face.

Last but not least, towing trade shows have also grown in popularity, allowing everyone to learn more or to get started in the business. Several trade shows take place annually across the United States, from coast to coast. The events which draw the most attention include: the Tennessee Tow Show, the Las vegas Tow show, the Florida Tow show and the Baltimore Tow show.


How much is towing?

The average cost of towing a car falls around $30 to $100. For some companies, the cost of towing is about $2.5 to $5 per mile.

How much does it cost to tow a car?

If your car gets stuck or breaks down, it is important to know how much towing is. The base tow cost for a car is $35 in many areas. However, weather condition, distance, car condition, time and location can affect the exact cost of towing your car. You can also find the driving distance between two locations, in order to evaluate the cost based on the mileage

How do I find out if my car was towed?

To find out if your car was towed, simply call 311 and make enquiry about your car. Some states also have Central Access Towing System (CATS) and other systems that allow car owners to find their cars. You will have to provide information about the towed car before finding it.

How far will AAA tow?

AAA can tow a vehicle as far as 200 miles. However, the specific distance AAA will tow is based on the membership package of the person involved.

How much do tow truck drivers make?

On average, tow truckers earn about $28,000 annually. The general range of their salary falls around $26,000 to $40,000 per year.

How much does a tow truck cost?

Since towing trucks are manufactured by different companies with varying degrees of features, there are differences in their costs. While some trucks like 2017 Peterbilt 567 cost as much as $400,000, there are others that can be bought for about $50,000.

How much is towing per mile?

As mentioned in a prior question, it depends on the company involved, the cost of towing per mile can be anything from $2.5 to $5.

How much towing capacity do I need?

If you are towing a vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the towing capacity as this will affect the safety of the vehicles involved. Basically, to determine the amount of towing capacity you need, consider the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR),Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) and Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) of the vehicles.

How to get a car towed?

Getting a car towed depends on whether it is parked illegally or not. If parked illegally, the property owner should call a towing company to tow the vehicle. You can also call the nonemergency phone number of the police to get a car towed.

How to become a tow truck driver?

To become a tow truck driver, you need to first obtain a driver's license and Commercial Driver's License (CDL),and then apply for a tow truck driving job. Notably, you must be at least 18 years old and physically fit to become a tow truck driver.

How to get your car back after being towed?

After finding out why and where your car has been towed, you can easily get it back by paying necessary charges. Some of the charges to pay include fines for any offences, towing cost and storage fees.

How to hook up a tow bar?

Once you have obtained a tow bar, you can hook it up by first finding a proper mounting area within your car. Carefully drill holes into the car and fix your tow mounting brackets into the holes. Now install pivot brackets and wire the tow bar properly for usage.

How to start a towing business?

You can start a towing business by simply registering your business and obtaining necessary business license from your state government. Make necessary business plans and purchase towing trucks. Finally, employ qualified truck drivers to work for you or drive the truck yourself.

How to tow a car with a truck?

Turn the back of the truck to the car you want to tow. Firmly attach a strong rope to the bumper of the truck and connect the other end to the car. Start the car and put in neutral; then start the truck and drive slowly so as to prevent damaging the bumper of the vehicles.

How to tow a trailer?

When towing a trailer, you need to first know the towing capacity of the vehicle you want to use to tow the trailer. Find the perfect hitch and attach the trailer to the towing vehicle with safety chains. The next thing to do is to attach lights with the wiring harness and check the weight of your hitch. When all these are done properly, start your towing vehicle and accelerate slowly as you move to your destination.

How to use a tow bar?

To use a tow bar, you need to get towing mounting brackets and pivot brackets. Drill holes into a strong part of the car and secure the mounting brackets into the drilled holes. Fit in the pivot brackets and make sure the tow bar is properly wired. With all these done, connect the car to the towing vehicle using safety chain and tow it.

How to use a tow strap?

Before using a tow strap, it is essential to ensure that the strap is strong enough to tow the car. Afterward, find a tow hook at the front or back of the car you want to tow and connect the strap. Connect the other end of the strap to the towing vehicle. Put the car to be towed in neutral and drive slowly as the towing vehicle moves.

How much for a tow truck?

If you are starting a towing company, you might ask “how much are tow trucks?”. Depending on the capacity and manufacturer, a tow truck could generally cost between $50,000 to about $300,000.

How to tow a truck?

Using a towing-approved heavy-duty truck chain, you can easily tow a truck. Get a strong towing truck with the right towing capacity and hook the chain under its rear axle. In a similar manner, hook the other end of the chain to the truck to be towed and make sure the chain is firmly hooked to both vehicles. Put the truck you are towing on neutral with its hazard lights turned on. Start the towing vehicle and drive slowly.

How to operate a wrecker?

With the aid of levers and designated handles, operate the hook and sling; then attach them to the vehicle to be towed. Use the lever to control the winch and lift the vehicle. Lower the bed of the truck to the ground and pull the vehicle onto the bed. If towing the vehicle will be difficult, remove or cut out some of its parts.

How much can a F150 tow?

The specific towing capacity of a Ford F-150 truck depends on its wheelbase, model year and size of engine. Generally, the towing capacity of the vehicle is about 8,500 lbs to 9,500 lbs.

How much can a Jeep Wrangler tow?

The towing capacity of a Jeep Wrangler is approximately 3,500 to 4,000 lbs; hence, the weight and gears of the vehicle to be towed with a Jeep Wrangler must not be more than this specified weight range.

How much can a Ram 1500 tow?

Depending on the specific model of Ram 1500 involved, a Ram truck can tow a vehicle with a total weight of about 9,000 to 10,500 lbs.

How much can a Toyota Tacoma tow?

There is no specific towing capacity of a Toyota Tacoma as the model determines the towing capacity. For instance, a Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner 4X4 V6 has a towing capacity of 6,500 lbs while 2014 Toyota Tacoma has a capacity of 3,500 lbs.

Which tow vehicle to buy?

With a towing capacity of 31,210 lbs and a strong suspension system, the 2016 RAM 3500 HD is one of the best tow trucks to buy.

Which tow hitch is best?

A Curt receiver hitch seems to be one of the best tow hitches. This welded hitch is a strong and dependable product.

Which tow car is best?

There are lots of tow car that are good for towing vehicles. Some of them include the Dacia Duster SUV, Land Rover Discovery, Ford Ranger pickup, BMW X5 SUV and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Who invented tow trucks?

Ernest Holmes invented towing trucks. The invention was done in 1916.

Who regulates towing companies?

In the US, each state has a regulatory body that regulates the activities of towing companies.

Who regulates towing companies in Maryland?

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration regulates towing companies in Maryland.

Who regulates towing companies in Louisiana?

Towing companies in Louisiana are regulated by Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Who regulates tow companies in Florida?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) regulates tow companies in Florida. The agency is equally responsible for issuing licenses to towing companies in Florida.

Who regulates tow companies in California?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is the agency that regulates and issues licenses for towing companies in California.

Who regulates tow trucks in Texas?

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation regulates towing companies in Texas.

Who can tow a horse trailer?

Ford F-150 is the best towing vehicle for horse trailers due to its reliability and durability. Toyota Tundra and Ram 1500 are also good for towing a horse trailer.

Who sells tow bars?

There are many online and offline vendors that sell tow bars. Walmart and Amazon are just 2  examples of vendors. They usually come with an instruction manual on how to install tow bars.

Who rents tow dollies?

Several companies that offer towing equipment rental services usually rent out tow dollies.

What tow rope is best?

Tow straps are usually the best option when using ropes to tow a vehicle. They are strong and durable for towing vehicles.

What happens when your car gets towed?

If your car gets towed, the next thing to do is to get the car back. Firstly, understand the reason the car has been towed by contacting the government agency or private company in charge. You may have to pay fines for storage and towing before recovering the car.

What is a tow package?

A tow package consists of the basic features that can assist a vehicle in handling the additional weight of a load. These features include a hitch, transmission, brakes, electrical connections, upgraded suspensions and drivetrain.

What is towing capacity?

Towing capacity is the maximum weight a vehicle is allowed to tow.

What to do when your car gets towed?

It is commonly asked that “when a towing company has my car, what should I do?" If your car was towed for any reason, the most important thing to do is to contact the company and understand why your car has been towed. In some cases, you may have to involve the police. If the car was legally towed, you will need to pay for storage and towing fees.

What is towing and labor coverage?

Towing and labor coverage is an additional coverage that protects your car against costs and other issues associated with common roadside breakdowns. It is an optional insurance package that covers towing, lockout assistance, tire changes and so on.

What towing capacity do I need for a boat?

If you want to tow a boat, you should use a vehicle that is rated to have at least a towing capacity of 4,500 lbs.

Why are tow hooks popular?

Tow hooks are popular because they are aesthetic and stylish. They are also useful when there is a need for a vehicle to be towed.

Why are tow fees so high?

The major reasons tow fees are high include the high cost of buying tow trucks, the high cost of maintaining and replacing tow tools, salaries of employees, insurance and other bills.

Why are tow ratings higher in Europe?

Tow ratings are higher in Europe because there are more restrictions on towing weight and speed. Furthermore, there are stricter requirements for obtaining and maintaining a driver's license in Europe.

Why are tow bars so expensive?

Because of the testing program and design of tow bars, they are usually expensive. They are known to reduce stress associated with the body of a vehicle when towing.

Why not tow in overdrive?

You should not tow in overdrive because doing so will cause excessive shifting and probably tear up the transmission of your car.

Why are tow trucks so expensive?

Tow trucks are so expensive because of the logistics, types and costs of parts and tools, and salaries of employees involved.

Why are tow trucks called wreckers

They are called wreckers because they are usually responsible for hauling away wrecked vehicles.

Why use tow haul mode?

Tow haul mode ensures the transmission is kept at lower gear, especially when in rolling hills or accelerating at lower speed. This is generally advantageous to the shifting of the transmission of a car.

Why tow with overdrive off?

You should tow with overdrive off so as to reduce or eliminate excessive shifting and improve transmission cooling.

Are tow ropes illegal?

Towing a vehicle with tow ropes is not illegal as long as you adhere to basic rules and regulations of road usage. Resultantly, using tow straps is legal.

Are tow bars legal in California?

Since there is no specific law supporting or opposing the use of tow bars in California, it can be used to tow vehicles. However, all basic rules of towing a vehicle must be observed to ensure safety.

Are tow bars universal?

There are many universal tow bars that can be adjusted to suit the specific vehicles they are being used for.

Are tow truck companies profitable?

Tow truck companies are profitable. However, just like other businesses, locations, class of residents and cost of setting up the business can affect its profitability. The economy of a nation can also determine if towing businesses are profitable or not.

Are tow trucks first responders?

Yes, they are considered to be first responders when there are automobile accidents. When there are accidents, tow trucks are emergency vehicles.

Are tow dollies safe?

The safety issues associated with using tow dollies depend on the type of vehicle involved. In general, tow dollies are not suitable for rear wheel drive vehicles.

Are tow trucks commercial vehicles?

Tow trucks are commercial vehicles since they are primarily operated as a commercial equipment to tow damaged, abandoned or wrecked vehicles.

Are tow companies liable for damage?

They are liable for damage in some cases. A tow company is liable for damage if the company's tow trucks are responsible for damage during transition.

Are tow trucks manual or automatic?

A tow truck can be either manual or automatic.

Are tow trucks allowed to speed?

No, tow trucks are usually not allowed to speed more than other vehicles. In most states, they are expected by law to abide by the speed limit of any roads they are taking.

Are tow trucks emergency vehicles in Texas?

Tow trucks are emergency vehicles in Texas and they are allowed to use emergency lights when towing vehicles.

Are tow hooks universal?

There are many tow hooks that are universal; hence, they can be used for all sorts of vehicles.

Where to buy towing equipment?

You can buy towing equipment at automobile tool retail shops near you. You can also get the equipment online via eBay and other stores.

Where to buy a towing hitch?

Just like other towing tools, you can buy towing hitch through online and physical automobile equipment stores.

Where to find towing capacity for a truck?

The towing capacity of a truck can be found inside the owner's manual that comes with each vehicle.

Which vehicle is good for towing a caravan?

Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mazda XC5, Toyota LandCruiser 200, BMW X5 and Ford Mondeo 2.0 LX wagon are some good vehicles for towing a caravan.

Which Subaru is good for towing?

The 2016 Subaru Outback is good for towing vehicles.

Which SUV is good for towing?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good SUV for towing. Other SUVs that are good for towing include the 2015 Dodge Durango, Ford Expedition, Cherokee Tahoe and GMC Yukon.

Who sets towing fees?

In most states, towing fees are determines by the state council or the police commission.

Who installs towing hitches?

Towing hitch installation companies with seasoned professionals are the ones that usually install towing hitches.

When towing a caravan, what is the speed limit?

When towing a caravan on single carriageway roads, the speed limit is 50mph. However, on motorways and dual carriageways, you are restricted to 60mph.

When towing, what gear should you be in?

You should be in lower gears when you are towing a vehicle.

When towing a car, does it add miles?

Since the odometer and speedometer of modern cars are electronic, they are only going to be powered when the key is turned on. Therefore, a towed car will not add miles. However, old cars can add miles while being owned.

Why are towing mirrors sometimes necessary?

Towing mirrors are sometimes necessary because they offer great visibility to things happening behind and besides the vehicle.

Why is towing in overdrive is bad?

Towing in overdrive is bad because it can cause excessive shifting and thus, tear up the transmission.

Why are towing fees so expensive?

Towing fees are so expensive because of the cost of buying trucks and the logistics involved. Furthermore, salaries of drivers and cost of maintenance and replacement of towing tools also contribute to the expensive cost of towing.

Why is towing legal?

Considering the difficulties people encounter with towing, how is towing legal? Towing is legal because it helps in taking care of unauthorized parking and wrecked or abandoned vehicles.

How AAA towing works?

AAA towing works by offering its members four roadside assistance services each year. Towing is one of the main services AAA roadside assistance covers. Other services include lockout assistance, jump start, tire changes and fuel assistance.

How towing capacity is calculated?

The towing capacity of a vehicle is calculated by subtracting the loaded weight of the vehicle from the Gross Weight Vehicle Rating (GWVR) of the same vehicle.

Are towing services taxable in Kansas?

Towing services are normally not taxable in Kansas. Nevertheless, if the towing services are related to sales or repair of a vehicle, the services are taxable.

Are towing frames any good?

Towing frames are actually good as long as they are capable of braking the wheels of the vehicle that is being towed.

Are towing mirrors a legal requirement?

Yes, towing mirrors are required in some places to allow the driver see an area that is 4 meters wide from the caravan and 20 meters away from the driver.

Are towing dollies legal in the UK?

In the UK, the only time it is legal to use towing dollies is when they are being used for a vehicle that has broken down. If used any other time, it is illegal.

Are towing mirrors a legal requirement in Australia?

Towing mirrors are not a legal requirement in Australia in most cases. However, if the vehicle being towed is a large vehicle or trailer, it is a legal requirement.

Are towing companies liable for damage?

Yes, towing vehicles are liable for any damage caused to a vehicle while it is being towed.

Are towing fees tax deductible?

No, towing fees are not tax deductible.

Are towing companies regulated?

Yes, towing vehicles are regulated by government agencies. In most states, the agency in charge of road transport regulates towing company.

Are towing companies open on weekends?

Most towing companies operate during the weekends. However, some companies demand additional charges for towing during the weekends.

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