Whether in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle or any other place in the US, the best American road trips offer you the opportunity to have fun, enjoy scenic beauty in unexpected places, meet new friends and learn more about America while still on the road. Though road trips are adventurous and fun-filled, planning a road trip could be a daunting task, especially for someone who has no idea of how to prepare for the trip.

The great American road trip is an outstanding experience everyone should enjoy at least once in a lifetime as there are many places to visit, awesome activities to participate in and great roads to drive through. While searching for US road trip ideas to make your journey awesome, planning should start by considering the budget. Accommodation, gas and foods will take the largest parts of the budget; therefore, embarking on a trip is useless without having enough financial power.

Furthermore, it is equally important to plan every detail of the trip even before you get started. The stops, route, final destinations, accommodation, traveling style and proposed time must all be put into the plan before you start packing your things to go for a road trip in America. You can also save or print your driving directions. This plan will help in dealing with some of the problems that could arise during the road trip as schedule can be changed based on the potential problems. However, you must be open to making changes to your plan as you might encounter unforeseen challenges or events such as coming across certain attention-catching American roadside attractions or experiencing a car breakdown.

Consideration must also be given to changes in weather conditions in your plan, especially in the winter months. If care is not taken, you might get stuck in turbulent storms or unfavorable weather during the road trip in the USA, and this could make your trip miserable. To take care of this problem, it is important to consult people who have the knowledge of the weather condition of the place you are heading to. With proper consultation, you will have clear idea of the place to avoid and where to go to in order to enjoy the best road trips in the USA.


Which is better – road trip or eurotrip?

Determining the best between road trip and euro trip depends largely on everybody’s choice. Generally, Euro trips are often costlier than US road trips, so if you are concerned about affordability, choosing a road trip could work. However, a Euro trip should be your choice if you want to experience more first-hand cultural diversities and meet different people in their native lands.

Where to road trip from Los Angeles?

Some of the places you can road trip from LA are Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Sonoma County, Lake Tahoe and Sedona. These places provide unsurpassed adventures, with stunning landscapes across all seasons.

Where to road trip in California?

California has lots of awesome beaches, parks, landmarks, forests and historic sites with beauties that will amaze you. The places to road trip may include San Francisco, Sacramento, Eureka, Crescent City, Columbia State Historic Park, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Kernville.

Where to road trip from New York?

Buck County, New Orleans, The Catskills, Chicago, Los Angeles, Georgia, Florida, Miami and the Hudson Valley are just few of the places you could drive to if you are coming from New York. Since NY has spectacular places around it, there are many great options to choose from in state such as Watkins Glen State Park, Niagara Falls or Saratoga Springs.

Where to road trip from Chicago?

If you are going on a road trip from Chicago, some of the places to consider are Lake Geneva, Transverse City in Michigan, Milwaukee, Ottawa, Toronto, Grand Beach, Galena, Austin and Harbor Country. There are other picture-perfect and scenic places you can consider too, such as Amish Country in Northern Indiana (Elkhart County).

How long is a road trip across America?

Factually, there is no absolute answer about this as the time taken depends on the route you take, time dedicated to seeing attractions, condition of vehicle and how long you can drive without a break. Based on these aforementioned factors, a road trip across America can take about 3 to 15 days to be completed. According to Google Map, Chicago to LA can take up to 30 hours for 2,000 miles.