Christmas period is one of the most entertaining periods of the year, and for children, Santa Claus adds so much glamour and fun to it. Tracking Santa is one of the most engaging, entertainment activities often done during the Christmas as everyone wants to know where Santa has gone to distribute gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

There are websites and applications offering people the opportunity to track Santa, and NORAD Santa Tracker is one of the major Santa trackers available. This tracker is a prominent entertainment program used for providing information about the movement of Santa Claus as Christmas approaches. Santa NORAD tracking service is the first Santa tracking service of such nature.

It actually started in 1955 in Colorado Springs when an ad was printed with the Santa Claus phone number placed on it. There was a mistake in the information as the number was not that of Santa, but it belonged to the Continental Air Defense (CONAD),now called North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). When the number was called, it was Director of Operations of CONAD, Colonel Harry Shoup, who picked the call and some children asked him “where is Santa Claus?”. He gave them the location of Santa Claus, and the tradition of tracking where Santa Claus has gone on Christmas Eve began.

You can partake in NORAD Tracks Santa program by visiting The tracking is made possible by volunteers who continuously answer calls from different parts of the world for about 24 hours.

One of the main rivals of NORAD tracker is the Google Santa Tracker which is from the reputable internet giant, Google. But what is Google Santa Tracker? It is a Santa tracking program that allows people to follow the movement of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Santa Tracker of Google came into being in 2004 and it has been serving as the only viable rival of the 61-year-old NORAD Tracker. By just asking “where is Santa right now?”, you can join the fun and track where Santa Claus and his helpers have gone to give people gifts on the 24th of December. This Google product also comes with options for Google holiday games that family and individuals can enjoy as they enjoy the best of the yuletide season. You can visit to learn more about it.

It should, however, be noted that the options of tracking where Santa Claus has gone is also available through different social media platforms, emails and phone calls.

Which Tracker is best to find Santa Claus?

This is debatable question as different people may tend to give different answers; however, most people will agree that the best Santa tracking programs are NORAD Tracker and Google Tracker. Considering the fact that NORAD tracker has apps that can work on Android, Windows and iOS devices, it has competitive edge over Google Tracker which can only be used by Android devices as well as Chromecast-enabled devices. Notably, both tracking programs can be accessed directly via web browsers on any device.

Furthermore, NORAD Tracker seems to be the choice of children who are eager to track the movement of Santa as it begins its own tracking few hours before Google’s tracking program each year. The fact that NORAD Tracker is the favorite of most people could actually be used to buttress the point that it is the best tracker. Overall, NORAD Santa Tracker is arguably the best tracker to find Santa Claus.


Why is there a Santa tracker?

There is a Santa tracker because it provides a form of holiday-themed entertainment for people whenever they are tracking the Santa Claus. It also educates children on geography and technology-related subjects like space technology.

Which Santa tracker is best?

NORAD Santa tracker is the best tracker as it offers Santa tracking on a simple and easy-to-use interface. The Santa Claus of NORAD Santa tracker also looks more realistic than that of others. Unlike the mobile app of Google Santa tracker that is only available for Android devices, NORAD Santa tracker can be used by android, iOS and Windows operating system users.

Who created the Santa tracker?

The first Santa tracking process took place in 1955 when certain children mistakenly called CONAD, the predecessor of NORAD, to ask for the location of Santa Claus. The then Directors of Operations of CONAD, Colonel Harry Shoup, provided the whereabouts of Santa for the children that called. Many local TV stations also joined over the years to provide this holiday-themed service towards Christmas each year. In the 2000s, mobile applications and websites have been created to help track Santa Claus, and these applications and websites have added more fun to the whole activity.

What is the NORAD Santa Tracker?

The NORAD Santa tracker is a tracking program used in following the movement of Santa Claus whenever he is on the move during the Christmas period. The NORAD Santa tracking started in 1955 by mistake; however, the service has continued ever since. Notably, there have been several advancements in the NORAD Santa tracker over the years.

Who started the NORAD Santa Tracker?

Colonel Harry Shoup, former Direction of Operations at CONAD, started NORAD Santa tracker in 1955 when he received calls from children and told them where Santa Claus was. Since that time, it has become the habit of NORAD to track Santa Claus.

Who runs the Norad Santa Tracker?

NORAD Santa tracker is run by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) which is a joint US-Canadian military operation. Notably, the service is usually assisted each year by volunteers.

How much does NORAD Santa Tracker cost?

NORAD Santa Tracker is free to access, download and use; it does not cost anything.

How to call the NORAD Santa Tracker?

You can easily call the NORAD Santa Tracker by dialing the toll-free number 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) to speak to any of the NORAD volunteers in charge of tracking Santa.

What does the Google Santa Tracker do?

Google Santa Tracker is used for tracking Santa Claus as he distributes gifts around the globe on Christmas Eve.

How to play Santa Google Tracker games?

Santa Google Tracker game can be easily played by opening the app or visiting the website to navigate around while using statistics to track the movement of Santa Claus. However, if you download and open the game before Christmas Eve, the games and tracking of Santa Claus will not be available.

How does the Google Santa Tracker work?

The Google Santa Tracker works through Google's map which will show you the current location of Santa Claus, the gifts he has, his next stop and his distance from you. The tracker can also be used with Google Chrome extension and Android wear watches.

What does the Google Santa Tracker do?

Google Santa Tracker is an entertainment program available every year for everyone to participate in and watch some of the activities of Santa Claus. Its main function is to allow people track where Santa Claus has gone to distribute gifts on Christmas Eve.