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The UAE traffic department introduced a new set of traffic laws earlier this month in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents. With the new traffic laws in action, 1,279 Dubai traffic fines were recorded on the first day of the new regulations.

The new traffic laws were enforced to reduce the number of Dubai traffi accidents which were growing at a rapid pace every year. The long-term effects of the new laws are yet to be seen; however, experts from the Dubai police claim that these laws are going to improve the flow of traffic and the number of road accidents will start to decline.

Breakdown of Fines on Day 1

Among the 1,279 fines which were imposed on the first day, the most common was an obstruction to traffic which was handed out 208 times. This particular fine of DH1,000 (US$ 270) was imposed to those who blocked the smooth flow of traffic. The second number was a traffic lane discipline fine, which was issued 125 times. 98 fines were issued for drivers who parked their vehicles illegally.

The Director of the Traffic Department at the Dubai Police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui is of the view that driving while using a cell phone is a major offense which can lead to fatal road accidents. Hence, among the new traffic fines on this first day, 56 drivers were fined for using their cell phones while driving. The penalty for this serious offense is Dh800 (US$ 215) and 4 traffic points. An additional 9 drivers were issued a ticket, as they were found distracted while driving. The penalty for this offense is same as using a phone while driving.

The Dubai Traffic Police also fined 47 drivers for not abiding by the traffic signs. 48 drivers were found guilty of recklessly reversing while 16 pedestrians were also fined for crossing roads from restricted areas.

New Traffic Violations

The Dubai police introduced a new provision in the traffic laws. The provision includes penalties relating to the fastening of seat belts. As per Al Mazrouri, it is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to ensure that all the passengers have fastened their seat belts otherwise they will be fined Dh400 (US$ 107) and 4 traffic points. He further stated that children under 10 years of age shouldn’t be seated on the front seat of the vehicle and a child seat is mandatory for a kids under 4 years of age. The fine for both the violations is Dh400 (US$ 107).

A Mazrouri stressed on the importance of obeying the traffic laws and reaffirmed that not abiding by them can lead to severe penalties for the drivers. The driving licenses of the offender can be revoked if the black points exceed 24.

What to Expect from the New Rules?

The local officials in Dubai believe that the new rules and fines should help address the traffic problems the city is currently having to curb. The growing number of accidents was a major concern for the Dubai traffic police. As per some recent records, 725 people were killed in road accidents across the UAE in 2016. This implies that almost 2 people were killed every day. However, with the new traffic provisions in place, it is expected that the numbers will come down and the traffic condition of the city will see a vast improvement in the not too distant future.