Standing at 5112 feet above sea level, the Devils Tower National Monument is an exceptional natural structure located at the Belle Fourche River in Wyoming. Now popularly used as a national park, the Tower was formed as result of intrusion of igneous materials millions of years ago, and it has now become a geological site many tourists visit each year. It covers about 1 1/2 acres of land and its dome-shaped summit is inhabited by plants and animals such as snakes, mice, chipmunks, sagebrush and grasses.

The Devils Tower in Wyoming was designated as the first national monument of the US in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt due to its magnificence and significance to the cultural heritage of the nation. This tower was previously called different names by Native Americans who came across it before it was discovered. Some of the names used by Native Americans were Bear Lodge, House of Bears, Bear’s House, Tree Rock, and Aloft on a Rock. His current name came from a misinterpretation done by the interpreter of Col. Richard Dodge when they were expediting the tower.

If you would like to visit the Tower, you might want to ask “Where is Devils Tower?” The Tower is found around the Belle Fourche River, near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, Northeast Wyoming. It is open for anyone who would like to visit every day of the year except January 1st and December 25th. Climbing, walking and hiking around the Tower and fishing in Belle Fourche River are some of the activities to take part in. Devils Tower Climbing has become the favorite activity of many of the 400,000 tourists the Tower welcomes each year.

Devils Tower National History Association Bookstore, The Belle Fourche River Campground and the Visitor Center are other places found near Devils Tower WY that tourists can visit. Wyoming is located close to countless fantastic natural wonders, which makes it one of the best places to visit in the USA alone or with family. For those who are driving, it can make for a lovely road trip attraction.


Why is Devils Tower famous?

Devils Tower is famous because it is a one-of-a-kind tower that has become significant to the American culture. It was designated as the first National Monument of the US in 1906.

When is Devils Tower open?

It is open every day of the year except January 1st and December 25th. It should be noted that climbing is not allowed in the month of June each year in respect of the culture of American Indians.

When was Devils Tower discovered?

The Tower was discovered in the late 1800s during an expedition by Captain William F. Reynolds. However, it was formed more than 50 million years ago.

Where to stay near Devils Tower?

The areas surrounding Devils Tower have become hubs of hospitality, as many motels and inns have been built. Places you can stay near Devils Tower include Budget Host Arrowhead Motel, Motel Pioneer, Hulett Motel, Bear Lodge Motel and Best Western Devils Tower Inn.

Who built Devils Tower?

Nobody built Devils Tower. It was rather formed as a result of igneous intrusion that occurred millions of years ago.

Who named Devils Tower?

Devils Tower was named by the interpreter of Col. Richard Irving Dodge who misinterpreted the names it was called by the Native Americans, and it was, resultantly called Bad God’s Tower (Devil’s Tower). However, the apostrophe was mistakenly removed during the official naming of the tower.

Who discovered Devils Tower?

Devils Tower was first discovered by Captain William F. Reynolds and his team. However, the Native Americans had known it many years before then.

When to climb Devils Tower?

Devils Tower is open for climbing each day of the year except June. Individuals are prohibited from climbing it in June as mentioned previously, as a tribute to the Native Americans.

What rock is Devils Tower made of?

Devils Tower is made of phonolite porphyry, which is a granite-like substance that has no quartz. The compositions of the rock formed the Tower due to intrusion.

How far is Devils Tower from Yellowstone?

Devils Tower is about 660 km (about 410 miles) from Yellowstone National Park. It would take more than 6-hours drive.

How far is Devils Tower from Mount Rushmore?

There is a distance of approximately 211 km (around 131 miles) between Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore. This is about 2-hours drive.

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