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A road trip movie is from the genre of movies that involve the movement of the main cast from one location to another while on the road. Just like other movies, road trip films are not monotonous, they normally have different characters, settings and plots; hence, road trip movie casts can involve persons of any age, physical status, sex, race or social status.

Based on the plots, settings and characters of the movies of the road trip genre, there are certain elements that make a good road trip film. The important elements of a good road trip movie are the incredibility of the road trip depicted in the movie and the adventures of the characters of the movie. As long as these two factors are present in the movie, a good road trip film has been made.

Though these movies are of a specific genre, most of them usually combine other genres of movies to make them more interesting and engaging. At times, a movie of the road trip genre can have elements of horror, romance, comedy, fantasy, adventure and other film genres. For instance, a road trip film can have a college setting, and examples of such college road trip movies are College Road Trip, Eurotrip and Road Trip.

From going home after vacation to moving to another place for sightseeing, returning to school after a break or moving around for other purposes, the stories of road trip movies can come in different forms. However, the stories must have the elements of the people journeying from one place to another with the possibility of having stopovers at certain places for different purposes. An excellent holiday road trip movie, for example, may involve family or students taking break from the regular challenges of their city to enjoy good times on the road while seeing great roadside attractions.

Conclusively, lots of high quality movies of the road trip genre have been produced in the US and other countries around the world; therefore, these movies are readily available for anyone who would like to enjoy them.


What makes a good road trip movie?

The incredibility of the road trip taken and the adventures that the characters have are the main elements of a good road trip movie. With these two elements, a good road trip movie can be easily made.

What are some good road trip movies?

Road Trip, Zombieland, About Schmidt, Nebraska, Something Wild, The Motorcycle Diaries, Thelma and Louise, Old Joy, Easy Rider, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Guilt Trip and Sideways are some good road trip movies. These movies have basic elements of a good road movie.

What are the best road trip movies of all time?

Based on viewership and other factors, the best road trip movies of all time include Sideways, Thelma and Louise, Road Trip, Zombieland, About Schmidt and Tommy Boy. Other top quality road trip films are Dumb and Dumber, American Pie and Something Wild.

How many road trip movies are there?

There are hundreds of American road trip movies which are all well rated. Few other countries also have road trip movies.

Are there other movies like Road Trip and American Pie?

Yes, there are other high quality movies like Road Trip and American Pie. About Schmidt, Sideways and few other films are arguably of the same quality as those two.

What are the 10 best road trip movies of all time?

The top 10 road trip movies of all time are debatable as lots of people have conflicting opinions. However, Zombieland, Road Trip, Sideways, About Schmidt, Dumb and Dumber, Thelma and Louise, Harold and Kamar Go to White Castle, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Tommy Boy, and Plane, Trains and Automobiles are undoubtedly some of the best 10 road trip movies.

The best road trip horror movies on Netflix?

There are a handful of road trip horror movies on Netflix that are worth seeing. Some of them are Joy Ride, Smile, Wolf Creek, Beyond the Grave, The Hills Have Eyes, Kalifornia and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

When was the movie Road Trip made?

The American movie Road Trip was made in 2000. This 94-minute movie was produced by The Montecito Picture Company and Ivan Reitman Production.