Roadside attractions are eye-catching monumental buildings, spectacular man-made animals and other amazing features found on the road that usually attract tourists. These fantastic features are the best attractions anyone can encounter on their road trips as they are strategically situated in different areas to allow tourists watch, relax and take pictures.

These attractions, which are usually found on the roadside, can be found anywhere during a road trip. Some of them might be found along the road while you are heading to your destinations while others are specially designated areas that you would have to take a trip to. Notably, since most of these attractions have billboards calling the attention of tourists to their existence, you can hardly miss out on seeing them. You can also get a travel guide that will let you know if there are any attractions nearby.

Different states in the US have lots of these attractions; therefore, you will definitely come across some wherever you are heading to within the country. Places to visit in the East Coast (USA) to catch a glimpse of various astonishing East Coast attractions are the Statue of Liberty, Biltmore Estate, Arcadia National Park, Niagara Falls, Mount Vernon, Lincoln Memorial and Hanging Rock State Park. Areas found in the West Coast (USA) are also full of these attractions. Awesome West Coast Attractions that are worth seeing include the Hoover Dam (Las Vegas),Trees of Mystery (Klamath),Pittock Mansion (Portland),Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco),Disneyland (Anaheim),Santa Barbara Mission (Santa Barbara),Delicate Arch in Arches National Park (Moab) and the Battleship Missouri Memorial (Honolulu).

Apart from the common attractions you can find on the road while journeying through America, there are also magnificent but weird roadside attractions you can come across too. These weird attractions include the likes of Albert the Bull in Audubon, the world’s largest talking cow in Neillsville, basket-shaped building in Newark and the world’s largest buffalo in Jamestown.


What are roadside attractions?

Roadside attractions are structures and other notable features found along the road which are meant to attract visitors. There are lots of such roadside attractions in different cities across many countries.

How to find roadside attractions?

Finding roadside attractions is not difficult, as many of them can be easily seen along the roadside with billboards pointing to where they are. Travel guide manuals can also be used to locate these features.

What are the Best Route 66 roadside attractions?

Since Route 66 connects different cities and towns across the country, there are lots of roadside attractions you can find on your way. Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore, the Gateway Arch, and Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis, Cadillac Ranch in Texas, Lincoln’s Tomb in Spring Field, Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, The Blue Whale in Catoosa and the Learning Water Tower in Groom are some of the best attractions you can find along Route 66.

What are the best roadside attractions for dogs in America?

If you are going on a trip with dogs, some of the best cities with dog-friendly attractions are Austin, Colorado Spring, Tampa, San Diego and Portland. These cities have dog-friendly boutiques, cruises, hotels and restaurants.

What are the top roadside attraction in films?

Some of the roadside attractions films are Much Ado About Nothing, Amazing Grace, In Secret, From Mexico with Love, The Good Guy, The Skeleton Twins, The Last Godfather and Redemption. These films are great roadside attraction movies.

Where are the weird roadside attractions?

Weird roadside attractions are attractions that have unusual or bizarre features or/and shapes. Weird roadside attractions include Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, world’s largest buffalo in Jamestown, Carhenge, Nebraska, world’s largest brick in Montgomery, world’s largest talking cow in Neillsville, basket-shaped building in Newark and Albert the Bull in Audubon.

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