Google Maps is a well-known, user-friendly and powerful web mapping technology that provides panoramic Google Maps street view, satellite imagery, live traffic situations, Google street maps and many more. The main objective of this mapping service is to organize the information of the world and ensure they are readily accessible anywhere, anytime.

Historically, it all started in 2003 when Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen founded a mapping company called Where 2 Technologies to organize the map of different places across the world. Having seen it as an important innovation, Google acquired the service in 2004. Over the past 12 years, Google has worked consistently to improve the quality of the service this mapping technology delivers to its users, and it is now undoubtedly one of the best mapping services available for use.

Today, users can make use of the service on desktop and mobile devices. Mobile users can find the Google Maps app from the Google Play or iTunes stores. Other mapping services that perform similar functions to Google Maps are MapQuest, Bing Maps, Here, Waze, Apple Maps, Mapbox, Yahoo! Maps, NearMap and OpenStreetMap.

The data used in presenting Google Maps directions and other pieces of information to users are obtained in different ways which include:

  • Satellites: In collaboration with Google Earth, data is sometimes collected from satellites to showcase detailed Google earth maps to users
  • Map partners: There are tons of organizations that submit map data to Google
  • Location services: Location data from tablets and phones of users are also obtained by Google and utilized for the improvement of this mapping service
  • Map users: Every user of this service can also submit data which will be evaluated to help in improving the service
  • Street view: There are lots of vehicles with Google employees in different places across the world. Pictures taken through this medium are usually submitted to Google

This Google-powered mapping service is available in virtually all countries of the world; hence, there are Google Maps Mexico, Google Maps Ireland, Google Maps USA, Google Maps UK, Google Maps France, Google Maps Canada and so on. Furthermore, the service provides maps of different cities, towns, neighborhoods and streets. In the US, for example, you can make use of Google Maps for Florida, Google Maps for Utah, Google Maps for Houston, Google Maps for San Diego, Google Maps for Chicago and other places within the country.

Though most of the data provided by this technology is accurate, it is not infallible. As a result of this, there are constant Google Map updates done by Google and its partners to provide reliable data. Map users are also allowed to contribute to updating of this mapping service. Information about certain places can be edited directly by the users while in some places, users are only allowed to send correct information to the Google personnel or a third party in charge of the area.

In addition to its already established usage, recent news on Google Maps has shown that the service plays a pivotal role in the production of autonomous or self-driving Google cars. With the aid of Google maps driving directions, these cars make use of gyroscope, tachometer, altimeters, bumper-mounted radar and rear-mounted aerial to move from one place to another.

This reliable mapping service from Google can also be used offline on mobile devices. To use Google Maps offline, users have to open Google Maps on their mobile devices and download the specific areas, towns, cities or states they need. Once the map has been downloaded, it can be accessed anywhere whether the device is online or not.

Informational Questions

Where are the Google Maps settings?

After opening Google Maps, the setting icon can be found on the right hand corner of your map interface.

Where does Google Maps data come from?

Google Maps gets its data from different reliable sources. Some of those who provide Google Maps data are authoritative map partners, map users and local guides. Data is also obtained from satellites, street view and location services.

Where do Google Maps images come from?

Google Maps images are obtained from a few channels which include commercial satellite image providers, camera-mounted vehicles and airplane cameras.

Which is better: Google Maps or MapQuest?

Many people consider Google Maps to be better than MapQuest for vaious reasons. Google Map has more traffic data than MapQuest; hence, it offers more information on a larger number of streets & countries. Some users have also said the interface is more appealing on Google Maps compared to MapQuest.

Who uses Google Maps?

Nearly anyone who is going somewhere can use Google Maps to get directions. Students, businessmen & tourists can make use of Google Maps. It is also very useful for limo drivers, taxi drivers & truck drivers. Many ride sharing companies also rely on this technology.

Who drives Google Maps cars?

Google Maps cars are driven by skilled and experienced drivers. Google Maps cars have data recording equipment installed on their roof racks to ensure they get up-to-date data. The drivers are the ones who update Google Maps with latest street view images.

Who invented Google Map?

This is a common question, so knowing who created Google Map is worthwhile. Google Map was invented by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen in 2003 when they established a mapping technology company. The company was later acquired by Google Inc in 2004.

Are Google Maps available offline?

Yes, Google Maps are available offline. This offline mode is specifically useful for those living in areas where data is costly or internet service is unavailable.

Are Google Maps accurate?

The results presented by Google Maps are mostly accurate. However, there are few cases where the pieces of information are not accurate due to changes in some of the sites within the areas. This is usually due to lack regular update in the data from different parties involved in the running of Google Maps.

Are Google Maps live?

Yes, Google Maps can be viewed live. This Google Maps live option ensures people can get up-to-date information on traffic and other elements.

Are Google Maps public domain?

Google Maps are not fully public domain. There are many copyright issues attached to the information provided. Images are not to be rented, modified, decompiled, marketed, published or used for commercial purposes as Google and its partners retain their ownership right.

Are Google Maps distances accurate?

Distance estimates of Google Maps are largely accurate. The mileage for each route is usually near the exact number.

Are Google Map images real time?

Some of Google Maps images are in real time. Notably, some of the images that are animated e.g. animated cloud images under the Weather category.

Are Google Map property lines accurate?

Since most of the property lines of Google Maps are obtained directly from government agencies, they are accurate to a certain degree. However, an official survey can be trusted more than the ones from Google Maps.

Are Google Map images copyrighted?

Yes, Google Maps images are copyrighted. Hence, most of images from Google Maps are under the copyrights of Google. Notably, the copyrights of some of the images from Google Maps are under the ownership of other organizations such as AutoNavi, Zenrin and Tele Atlas.

Are Google Map cars driverless?

No, they are not driverless. Google Maps cars are normal cars mounted with cameras which are driven by humans to get street view images. Google Maps cars should not be confused with Google driverless or self-driving cars which are still largely under productions and testing.

When does Google Maps update?

To know the credibility of Google Maps, people often ask "how often does Google Maps update". Google Maps makes updates to its data every day. However, it usually takes about 3 or more weeks before the update can reflect on the website and apps.

How was Google Map created?

Google Maps was created as a comprehensive compilation of map data of countries, states, cities and other geographical entities that people can view. The creation was done with the help of various third parties who presented the map data.

How does Google Map detect traffic?

Crowdsourcing of data from people with smartphones, cars and taxi fleets, and using road sensors are the major ways through which Google Maps detect traffic.

How does Google Maps make money?

Though Google Maps is a free mapping service, there are different ways by which it makes money. One of such ways is the Google Maps Pro service which requires monthly subscription. Other ways may include Google Maps APIs for business, Google Maps Engine and targeted advertising.

How to correct Google Maps?

There are different ways to correct Google Maps; however, the specific way to use depends on the areas involved. Some can be easily corrected by just logging into your Google account and making necessary corrections. In other cases, errors are reported to Google or a third party, which will implement the corrections.

What is Google Maps street view?

Google Maps street view is one of the technological features of Google Maps and Google Earth. Its main function is to provide panoramic views of various streets in different places across the world.

What Google Maps won't show you?

There are certain places that Google Maps will never show you because of national security reasons. Some of the things Google Maps will not show you are The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, streets in North Korea, Michael AAF Building in Utah (USA),Cornell University Power Plant in the US, Taiwan's National Security Bureau Headquarters and lots of NATO bases and depots.

How does Google Map calculate travel time?

Google Maps simply calculates travel distance by estimating the speed limit and fastest route between two places. Notably, it sometimes doesn't take road conditions, traffic situations and other circumstances into consideration, so it is only an estimate.

How does Google Map detect my location?

Google Maps detects your location through the use of a GPS and Wi-Fi. Even if the Wi-Fi and GPS of your device are turned off, Google Maps can still detect your location by using BSSID information obtained from your WLAN Access Point.

How does Google Map calculate distance?

One of important methods Google Maps uses in calculating distance is utilizing GPS coordinates to estimate the distance between two or more points.

Technical Questions

What do Google Maps colors mean?

Google Maps colors indicate different things which users need to take note of. Green shows that there are no traffic delays, orange means there is a medium amount of traffic and red indicates that there are traffic delays.

What is the Google Map coordinates format?

The standard Google Maps coordinates format is the WSG84 format.

What do Google Map icons mean?

Google Maps icons are useful symbols that are available for referencing of a place. There are numerous Google Maps icons that can be seen when using Google Maps.

How to use Google Maps?

To use Google Maps in viewing the map of an area, open Google Maps on desktop or the Google Maps apps on your mobile device. Touch or click any area you want to get the details of on the map. You can navigate through Google Maps with drag and drop, menu or keyboard shortcut options.

How to measure distances on Google Maps?

To measure a distance on Google Maps when using a computer, open Google Maps. Right-click on the starting point of the distance you want to measure and select Measure distance. Now click anywhere on the map so that you can create a path to measure. You can add another point by just clicking anywhere you want on the map. The total distance in miles and kilometers will be shown at the bottom. Once you are done with this, click Close.

How much data does Google Maps use?

Generally, the amount of data Google Maps uses depends directly on the frequency of usage. For constant usage of this mapping service on mobile devices for getting directions and downloading them, about 200MB can be expended each month.

How to save maps on Google Maps?

First log into your Google account and open the Google Maps app on your device. Find the place you want to save and click the bar at the bottom of the screen that has the name of the place you want to save. Now click on “Download” and click “Download” again when Google Maps asks if you want to download. Once downloaded, you have successfully saved maps on Google Maps.

How to plot multiple locations on Google Maps?

One of the most difficult things to do on Google Maps is to understand how to add multiple destinations in Google Maps. To add multiple locations, sign into your Google account and open Google Maps. Click on the menu icon to expand the menu in the top left corner. Now click "Your Places", "Maps" and then click "Create Map" so that you can edit your map. Give your map a title and description in a new window that opens and then save it. Click on the marker icon so as to locate the place. Click the 'Add to map' link when a green marker appears. Repeat 'Add to map' for other locations you want to add.

How to see a compass on Google maps?

If you need compass on Google Maps, you might ask "does Google Maps have a compass" Yes, Google Maps has compass. To see it, simply tap on the white circle with the blue center on the bottom right corner.

How to pin locations on Google Maps?

To pin locations on Google Maps, you need to first sign into your Google account and then open Google Maps. Select "My Places" after clicking the gear wheel found on the top right corner. Look at the left-hand side and click "create with classic My Maps". Find the place you want to pin and add Title and Description of the place. After you have saved your location, save your place which you have created earlier on the left hand column and then click "Done".

How to put coordinates in Google Maps?

Open Google Maps on your desktop or launch Google Maps app on your mobile device, enter the latitude and longitude of the place you want to search into the search box and click on the search button to get the exact location on the map

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