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Bing Maps is a web mapping service that provides high resolution and global imagery of different parts of the world. Its primary purpose is to offer everyone a seamless online mapping service that can be used to discover all corners of the world. Owned by the Microsoft Corporation, Bing Map was launched in December 5, 2010 and is currently part of the suite of Bing products & services. One of the major competitors of this mapping service is Google Maps which is owned by Google.

Bing Microsoft Map gives users access to 5 types of street map views. These Bing street views are:

  1. Aerial View – The Bing Aerial maps are viewpoints of satellite imagery as seen at a high elevation. Maps aerial views are meant to show landmarks and roads of various places. The Bing Maps satellites are primarily responsible for the production of aerial maps.

  2. 3D View – 3D view provides the 3-dimensional images of the structures and roads found within an area. These images are usually presented in a way that can be easily viewed by the map users.

  3. Road View – This is the standard map view of roads and other structures within an environment. Road view can also include vector images of several kinds of structures.

  4. Street side view – The Bing Maps streetside view is a street-level imagery of specific areas taken at different magnifications and angles. Images of the Bing Maps street view are usually captured by high-tech cameras that are mounted on vehicles owned by Bing. These vehicles normally roam cities to capture these streetside images.

  5. Bird’s eye view – This is an overall Bing Maps imagery of a place from above as if it is being viewed by a flying bird. The images are often taken by low-flying aircrafts. Since the images are taken at lower elevation, the bird’s eye view maps generally show more features of an area when compared to aerial view maps.

With the aid of Bing Maps and directions, searching for a certain location has never been so easy. You can now use Bing driving directions to find distances between two or more locations on the map when traveling from one place to another. To obtain Bing Maps driving directions, simply visit the official website of the mapping service (www.bing.com/maps) and type in the necessary keywords of the place you are searching for. These keywords can be landmarks, persons, addresses or businesses. Once you have searched for your keyword, you will get the directions to the location immediately. Currently, getting driving directions through Bing is possible in most of the top cities in several countries around the world.

When you are traveling somewhere, Bing travel directions can help you avoid traffic congestions as you can access traffic situations of many major highways. Using black, red, yellow and green color codes, you can easily determine areas where traffic is heavy, moderate or light. Due to the method of topographical display of directions on this mapping service, users are allowed to zoom out and zoom in map features so as to get further details of the areas being viewed. The usage of maps and directions on Bing does not stop at only getting driving directions; you can also make use of Bing Maps for walking directions.

For users to get access to Bing Street Maps on the go, there are several Bing Maps apps which you can download online. Some of these apps are deployed by Bing itself, while others are produced by third party developers. As Bing is working with various third party companies to improve the quality of the services being offered by this mapping technology, users are also allowed to make their contributions to the map entries.

Although Bing Maps may not be the most commonly used mapping service at the moment, it is a good service which provides reliable directions. Being free of charge to use, it represents a major advantage over some of its peers. Non-profit or educational organizations, along with individuals that make less than 125,000 searches each year can use the service at no cost. However, businesses with higher volumes may need to pay for a license to make full use of the service.


What is Bing Maps?

Bing Maps is an advanced web-based mapping service that features aerial view, road view, 3D maps, venue maps and many more. It works as a major component of the Bing suite of services and products.

Who owns Bing Maps?

Bing Maps is owned by the Microsoft Corporation, which is a popular multinational technology company based in the state of Washington. Microsoft launched the service on December 5, 2010.

How are Bing Maps vs Google Maps?

Bing Maps and Google Maps have similar features as they are two of the most commonly used and functional mapping services. Their user interface and usability on both desktop and mobile devices are first-rate. If you consider Google vs Bing Maps in a head to head match, based on the licensing aspect, Bing Maps provides more functionality to more countries than Google Maps.

What coordinate system is Bing Maps in?

Bing Maps is in the WGS84 coordinate system. WGS84 is the same coordinate system currently being used by Google Maps and some other major web mapping services.

What plug-in does Bing Maps use?

Bing Maps uses a client-side plug-in which is basically powered by JavaScript. This makes it possible for users to easily get information from the database.

How does Bing Maps make money?

Bing Maps makes the largest chunks of its revenue from licensing which is normally meant for active businesses. And in most cases, this licensing requires an annual subscription. However, for individuals and nonprofit organizations, they can make use of Bing Maps for free as long as it satisfies certain conditions.

How does Bing Maps know where I am?

Basically, GPS and Wi-Fi-enabled devices send information about each user to Bing Maps. WLAN BSSIDs, sometimes, also helps in the detection of the information about the location of Bing Maps users.

How does Bing Map work?

Bing Maps is an online mapping platform that features routing, map embedding APIs and other mapping technologies. Bing Maps works primarily by gathering mapping data from third party geo-location data providers through the utilization of proprietary datasets. This mapping service also works by allowing its users to submit updates of maps and embedded maps which are to be verified and uploaded on its official website.

Are Bing Maps free to use?

For individuals who perform less than 125,000 searches on Bing Maps annually and nonprofit or educational organizations, Bing Maps is essentially free. However, there are certain conditions that individuals and organizations must also meet to use the mapping service for free. Nevertheless, for businesses, Bing Maps is not free as licensing requires a payment. The cost of Bing Maps for businesses varies based on their requirements.

Are Bing Maps accurate?

The mapping information presented by Bing Maps is largely accurate. However, just like it is for most other mapping services, when used in remote areas for certain continents like Africa and Asia, the results can show some levels of inaccuracies.

Where is the Bing Maps app for Outlook?

The Bing Maps app is already preinstalled as part of Office; so the app automatically opens whenever you open an email with a street address. If you want to see or use the app individually, open Outlook and navigate to “Setting”; then open “Manage apps” and you will find the Bing Maps app there.

How to remove Bing Maps from Outlook 2013?

Navigate to inbox and select “File”; then click on “Manage Apps”. A log-in page will pop up and then log into your account. From the list of apps available, you should select Bing Maps and choose the option available to remove the app.

What projection does Bing Maps use?

Bing Maps uses Spherical Mercator projection. This projection is known to be one of the best projections for mapping services.

Who uses Bing Maps?

This service is heavily used. From individuals to nonprofit organizations, businesses and educational organizations, different kinds of people make use of Bing Maps as it offers updated map data.

When do Bing Maps update?

The data provided by Bing Maps is frequently updated. Factually, Bing Maps gets new updates every month and this helps in boosting the credibility of the information provided by this mapping service.

Why Facebook uses Bing Maps?

Due to the popularity of Google Maps and other mapping service providers, people often question why Facebook uses Bing Maps. Facebook uses Bing Maps because Microsoft, which owns Bing Maps, holds a substantial stake in Facebook. Furthermore, the major competitor of Bing Maps called Google Maps is owned by Google, which is a direct rival of Facebook.

How often does Bing Map update?

The Bing Maps update occurs roughly every month as the developers try to ensure that data provided by the mapping service is up-to-date and consistent.

How to update Bing Maps?

To update it, simply sign into your Bing Maps account and navigate to Update Account Details. Click on Update and then click “Edit” so that you can have the opportunity to edit your details. After making the necessary update or edit, click on “Save” and it will be updated.

How to save Bing Maps?

If you need to save Bing Maps after viewing a map, it is important for you to know how to download Bing Maps. To save a direction, click on the icon indicating My Places and open the location you want. In the left hand corner of the page, select New List and input information about the location and click Save. With this procedure, you have successfully saved Bing Maps.

How to add Bing Maps to Arcgis 10?

To add Bing Maps to ArcGIS10, click File and then select Add Data. From there, add data from ArcGIS Online, and search for BING. Once you have done this, you have successfully added Bing Maps to ArcGIS10.

How to rotate Bing Maps?

With the aid of Silverlight control, you can easily rotate Bing Maps using basic XAML syntax. You can also change the orientation of Bing Maps using 3D control.

How to use Bing Maps in Excel?

Once Bing Maps have been fully installed on your device, open your Excel and choose the data you want to plot. After entering the data, click on the first icon on the right side of the app indicating Show Location. You can make further changes to your map type and colors for better presentation of the results.

How to print Bing Maps?

Go to the page you would like print, zoom it and check if what is presented is good enough to be printed. Press CTRL+P so as to preview the print copy. If you are satisfied with the preview, select “Print” and your map will be printed. It is preferable to print in PDF.

How to edit Bing Maps?

Navigate to the route you would like to edit, and zoom on it. Now click on the route a couple of times and you will be shown different points along the route you want to edit. Right click for more options and click Edit. Nevertheless, many people usually encounter problems while trying to edit Bing Maps, so you may need to exercise patience when trying to edit Bing Maps.

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