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What is the Toronto Auto Show? The Toronto Auto Show, also known as the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS),is a car show which has been held in Toronto, Ontario since 1974. It is Canada's largest auto show and is staged annually in February. This international show averages roughly 300,000 visitors throughout its showing from Ontario and Western New York. In partnership with the AutoTrader, the Toronto Car Show exhibits over 1,000 cars, trucks and SUVs. The show also displays concept cars, classics, exotics, motorcycles and alternative energy vehicles (ie: electric). The AutoTrader is the presenting Title Sponsor and Show Program Publisher of this international show in Toronto. Furthermore, the ca
The UAE traffic department introduced a new set of traffic laws earlier this month in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents. With the new traffic laws in action, 1,279 Dubai traffic fines were recorded on the first day of the new regulations. The new traffic laws were enforced to reduce the number of Dubai traffi accidents which were growing at a rapid pace every year. The long-term effects of the new laws are yet to be seen; however, experts from the Dubai police claim that these laws are going to imp
On March 30th, 2017, Highway I-85 in Atlanta caught a massive fire and ultimately collapsed thereon causing havoc for traffic across the city. The effects of the collision of the highway were not only limited to the city of Atlanta, but the nearby states were also affected due to this major incident. All five lanes on both the directions of the bridge, were closed for the commuters; hence, it was termed as a "serious" transportation crisis. The Backdrop It was reported that the Atlanta traffic conditions had already become a major issue for the officials to deal with. There
Generally, towing is all about connecting two or more objects together in order to drag them through the effect of a specified power source. In terms of automobiles, towing refers to connecting a vehicle to another vehicle, boat, etc by the means of chains, ropes or other towing equipment to pull, carry or drag them away. Mostly, towing services are usually required when a vehicle is abandoned, wrongly parked or disabled, and cannot move away from its current position on its own. All about tow trucks and more A towing truck, sometimes referred to as a wrecker truck, is a truck basically designed for puling or dragging away abandoned, impounded, indisposed or improperly parked vehicles or other vessels. Historic
Traffic lights are signaling devices installed in different locations across various cities around the globe. Based on the meaning of traffic lights, their main function is to make sure road users, i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, know the right time to proceed and stop at intersections; thereby, ensuring that everyone is safe while using the roads. Without a traffic light, accidents & traffic jams would be rampant on the roads. You could certainly find plenty of traffic light facts but at the end of the day, these lights have reduced occurrences of accidents across the world. Other names they are sometimes called in different countries include &ldq
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