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Bing Maps is a leading tool which offers both directions & maps along with real-time traffic details across select markets. Our page offers the full functionality of Bing Map to help you locate your destination. You may see several types of colored lines, each providing the user with a live flow of the current traffic. This page should also help with your preparations, should you be using Bing driving directions at some point.


Bing Maps was launched on December 5, 2010 by the internet giant Microsoft Corporation. Previously named Live Search Maps, Bing Maps is one of the search engines under the Bing suite owned by Microsoft. Some of the names the service was previously called include Window Live Local and Windows Live Maps. It is operated under and powered by the Bing Maps Platform which is Microsoft’s geospatial mapping platform. Bing Maps offers competition to some of the leading mapping services like Google Maps.

How to use Bing Maps?

There are many functions Bing Maps can be used for. To use Bing Maps, click on the Maps tile from the Start screen of your computer and you will see your current location. From there, select your location and drag the pin from one location to another. You can use Bing Maps to check details of businesses, view directions and locate different landmarks and places.

How often is Bing Maps updated?

Bing Maps is updated monthly. The service gets various updates from independent users and third party geo-location data providers every month.

Who powers Bing Maps?

Bing Maps is powered by Bing Maps for Enterprise. Bing Maps for Enterprise, which is operated under Microsoft Corporation, is a geospatial mapping service that provides the framework for Bing Maps.

Why Facebook uses Bing maps?

Microsoft, which is the company that owns Bing Maps, is a major stakeholder in Facebook. Therefore, Facebook uses Bing Maps for its map-related services.

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